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There is no doubt that riding an ATV is an excellent way to start in Powersports while experiencing the thrill and excitement of blazing down an exhilarating trail and feeling supported on all four wheels. Note that if you like single riding on ATVs, there is nothing like tearing up the mountainous trails in New River, TN, on an off-road adventure.

You should know that the Rosedale Mountain Retreat provides you with the best ATV riding areas in Tennessee. Keep in mind that this retreat is a historic and unique school-turned ATV retreat that you will love. It is in the gorgeous mountains of east Tennessee, with a central location near Brimstone and Royal Blue.

It is no secret that one of the best and most exciting ways to explore the wilderness of these mountains is on the back of your ATV! An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is a vehicle with handlebar steering and a straddle seating position that you can maneuver through a variety of terrain. If you are an ATV rider, Rosedale offers you a fantastic opportunity to explore the untamed wilderness.

Combine the excitement and thrill of driving an ATV with the splendor and magnificence of the Rosedale Mountain Retreat, and you will have the ultimate vacation experience! Boasting several miles of challenging and fun trails, you could ride for several days without repeating scenery! Isn’t that amazing!

Essential Items and Tools for ATV Riding in New River, Tennessee

Standard Recovery Kit

We know that getting “stuck” can sometimes be part of the fun! However, just make sure to keep things moving. Note that even if your ATV is equipped with a winch, you should include a tow rope, D-ring shackles, snatch blocks, some tree straps, and a pair of safety gloves.


You probably know that goggles are essential for safety as well as comfort. It is no secret that protecting your eyes while ATV riding is important, particularly if it is windy. If sand, dirt, or debris kicks up, it may obscure your vision, and you don’t want that when you are tearing through the mountainous trails in New River, TN.

Note that wearing goggles will help you keep your eyes on where you are going rather than keeping them closed in order to avoid irritating them.


Did you know that neck and head injuries account for almost 30 percent of ATV-related injuries? This is why you should always wear a helmet. Note that even falling from a relatively slow-moving ATV may result in head and neck injuries without an excellent helmet to protect you on mountainous terrain.

Protective Clothing

This includes long pants and shirtsleeves and boots that cover your ankles. You should also consider a chest protector. Covering your whole body will protect your skin from cuts, abrasions, and bug bites. Perhaps, more importantly, it will reduce the risk of injury if you fall while riding.

It is also possible to get serious and nasty burns if you fall off. However, the proper protective clothing will minimize any injuries. 

Extra Gas

When you are riding mountainous trails in New River, TN, you may experience flat tires and minor mechanical issues. However, you can get out of these things.

For example, you may drive on a flat if need be. However, if you run out of fuel or gas, you may have a serious problem. This is because you will not find a fuel station in the middle of a mountainous trail.

Note that even when you think you are only going for a short ride, pack a few extra gas cans and keep them in your ATV compartment. It is best to get a reliable gas can with a solid spout or cap that can ventilate well.

Where to Stay

There are only a few activities that can match the incredible beauty, splendor, and adrenaline-inducing thrills, and fun of riding an ATV in Tennessee’s New River.

Unfortunately, many lodging options in New River require an additional drive both to and from this ATV trail, meaning more time in your van or car and less time out in nature.

Are you planning an ATV trip to mountainous trails in New River, TN? If so, you would like to maximize your time outside. This is why you should not miss various lodging options at the Rosedale Mountain Retreat with on-site ATV trail access.  

It is best to stay close to all the fun and exciting ATV action with a vacation at the Rosedale Mountain Retreat. We provide a variety of pleasant and comfortable rooms! You can book The Library with two bedrooms with two queen beds.

 If you are on a budget, we also offer the basic amenities, such as televisions and microwaves, in our clean and comfy standard rooms. These rooms are also equipped with a microwave, coffee maker, and refrigerator!

With excellent and affordable packages for families, single riders, and large groups, we have a lot to offer for people looking to experience and enjoy the best ATV vacation! Once you are settled into the lodge, it is time to hit the fantastic ATV trails.

We also offer several other amenities and different activities you can participate in while staying with us during your ATV vacation. 

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