Easily accessible and located just 2 miles from Rosedale Mountain Retreat. New River General Store has everything you need from 100% gasoline to groceries and supplies.


Permit Information: 
Each person, no matter their age or activity, must have a Land Use permit. Each person entering the area is required to have their permit, along with the copy of their permit with them at all times while on the property.

You can purchase permits at any of the following locations:

WindRock General Store


Marathon Gas Station

Shell Fun Food


Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary and Moonshine Distillery

Check out the newly opened historic Brushy Mountain Penitentiary that was known as the “End of the Line”. This prison once held murderers, robbers, rapist and numerous heartless felons that showed little remorse for the crimes that they committed. When you were sentenced to Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary there was very little hope that you would ever come out alive. Will you? You can Brushy State Penitentiary and moonshine distillery and see if you have what it takes. You can find ticket information here.

Distance from cabin: 14 miles

National River and Recreation Area

Looking for one of the most beautiful places on Earth? Take the 40 mile drive up to Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area in Oneida. Explore over 100,000 acres of the Cumberland Plateau,  free-flowing Big South Fork of the Cumberland River. Discover miles of scenic gorges and sandstone bluffs, natural and historic features that have been developed for an array of outdoor recreational activities.
Whether you want to hike, fish, hunt or star gaze, this park has everything you need and you can plan your visit here. Before you go don’t forget to grab your downloadable park brochures.

Distance from cabin: 43 miles.


To feed off of the above Big South Fork, the Cumberland Gap National Park is stunning and stretches three states. You can see Tennessee, Kentucky and Virginia from this park. Come gasp in awe of natures ever changing story as you explore the first gateway to the west. Follow the Buffalo, Native Americans and Pioneers. Follow in their footsteps and they explored the new untapped land of the west. Don’t forget your camera either, you are likely to see many different wildlife species that you will want captured in time forever. You can plan your visit to the park here.

Distance from cabin: 75 miles


The Devil’s Triangle, just north of Oak Ridge in the mountains of the Cumberland Plateau, is made up of some of the most unusual two-lane twisted roads in Eastern Tennessee and is a popular route for street bikes. Much like The Dragon, the Devil’s Triangle is rural Tennessee scenery at its best! These roads will take you on a scenic adventure with a view of Brushy Mountain State Prison, peaceful farmsteads and rustic countryside. You’ll ride gentle country road sweepers to steep switchbacks and serene straights to dragon-like twisties. This set of curvy roads will prove to be packed full of excitement for you and your street bike. Windrock Park Campground is located right off of Hwy. 62 and is a centrally located, convenient choice for lodging while riding the Devil’s Triangle.

Distance from Cabin: 17 miles


What started as a 3 windmill wind farm in 2000 by TVA has turned into an 18 windmill farm that powers over 3,400 homes a year. On top of the good that they provide in renewable energy they are breathtaking to look at. So take a road trip, a camera and the closest people to you to take some of the best photos ever seen. But don’t forget to follwo the posted rules around the site for safety.

Distance from cabin: 22 miles.


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